IPv6 Trial

WorldxChange is currently running a closed trial with Native IPv6 (dual-stacked) over xDSL.

To register for the trial, you will need an xnet ADSL account, a router that can support IP6CP, DHCPv6 and preferably have some clue.  At this stage we will be limiting numbers on the trial mainly due to the manual nature of the configuration required on our end.  There will also be no support from the helpdesk for those on the trial - however - we do have a forum setup on this site which you could post in and maybe get a helpful response.

Note - this is a native IPv6 service, NOT tunneled, so no, your free ADSL modem wont work, even though it has a little checkbox saying IPv6.

You can apply for the trial by clicking on the Register link on the left.

The trial is currently closed for new applicants - This will be opened up again at a later date - we are in the process of making IPv6 a standard offering rather than a trial - so watch this space :)

Please note that WorldxChange reserve the right to cancel the trial at any time, and due to the nature of it being a trial, it may not work all the time!