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Hey Guys,

Could use a bit of help with the scenario im trying to test out. Basically I have a Cisco 837 router which acts as the gateway/modem to wxnz. Everything works great, IPv6 address is received and is route-able to the internet. I also have a firewall behind that router where I would like to do all my processing, the issue is I cannot route out from my LAN out to the Internet. Packets seem to stop at the cisco router.

All v6 traffic from the LAN goes out via the WAN interface up to the cisco router, the cisco router has a static route which directs traffic back to the LAN via the WAN interface.

The cisco router has a static route of ::/0 via Dialer1

Question is do I need a static subnet assigned to achieve what I am trying to do, or am I just missing a route somewhere?

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