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Draytek vigor 120 + monowall (working) Link to this post

Just thought I'd post that I have a Draytek vigor 120 connected to a monowall box and xnet ipv6 is working fine. In case anyone else is trying to get it working.

The things you need to know to get it going are;

* Flash the Vigor 120 to the latest firmware V3.2.4.4 (mine came with V3.2.4.1 but said V3.2.4.4 on the box, crazy)
Make sure you get the correct firmware for your unit, there are lots of different firmware types for the vigor 120.
The "Vigor 120 V2" is totally different, so don't flash that firmware.
There are also different firmware for different Annex versions and modem codes.
If you connect to the vigor 120 webgui and have a look what firmware is currently installed it will have the modem code, something like "332201"

The firmware i flashed was from draytek.com and called "Vigor120+v3.2.4.4+annex+A_2_332201.zip"
but make sure you have the right firmware first, your device code may not be 332201 !

There are two firmware files in the zip, .rst and .all
The difference is the .rst file also includes default config settings so will reset the config.
If you flash the .rst you have to then change back to NZ ADSL settings such as PVI, PCI, encapsulation and protocol etc. because they will reset to some weird values.

* Put the draytek into its special PPPoA->PPPoE bridge mode by simply ticking the box for "PPPoE pass-through"
(You don't enter the adsl username/password here as you're passing the PPP session to monowall)

* In Monowall v1.33 (assuming you have ipv4 working fine already) enable ipv6 in the advanced tab, then;

- Set the WAN type to PPPoE and the WAN ipv6 mode to PPP and enter your isp username/password for PPPoE.
- Set the LAN IPV6 mode to DHCP-PD, IPv6 Prefix delegation to 1/56 (not sure what that does but 1/56 worked for me)
- Tick Send ipv6 router advertisements
- Add some firewall rules for ipv6. (* * * * * will work to test but your lan pc's will all be public accessible on ipv6)

And that should be all, you should now get ipv6 addresses assigned to your lan PC's and pass the tests at test-ipv6.com
(windows boxes seem to need a restart after you get ipv6 working, they pickup the address but it doesn't seem to work until you reboot)

You can also disable the teredo tunnel ipv6 stuff on any win7 boxes, since you don't want that getting in the way.
netsh interface teredo set state disabled
netsh interface ipv6 6to4 set state state=disabled
netsh interface ipv6 isatap set state state=disabled

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