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PPPoE bridge? Link to this post


I've got a Linux box that is connected to an ADSL router over ethernet. When the router is configured to do PPPoA it works fine, but only in IPv4.

When I change the router setup to "bridge mode" I thought I could then use PPPoE client on Linux to do the PPP side of things. However so far I wasn't successful.

I wonder if it is possible at all to configure it that way. The router authenticates to Xnet only in PPPoA mode, not in PPPoE so perhaps the bridging mode passes through PPPoA frames? Can I somehow authenticate to Xnet in PPPoE? Or is there anything else I could do to let Linux do the PPP stuff with IPv6 support?



Re: PPPoE bridge? Link to this post


Can I use PPPoE in WXNZ network?

Re: PPPoE bridge? Link to this post

you need a router that can convert ATM frames to Ethernet frames, or you need someway of decoding the ATM frames on your Linux box

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